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Piano Training Center School


 In Piano Training Center, distinct and advanced teaching methods are offered, presenting technical music styles of Germany, Persia and France.One of motivating reasons students are eager to join Piano Training Center, is the unique teaching style that center's trained tutors offer.
Piano Training Center is an institution committed to music education to make dreams true through training,organizing musical workshops/seminars,developing every old,young,talented,non talented including children to discover their talent by learning to play piano, Keyboard.
VALUE is a big part of my teaching and craft. We are a big believer, so We believe that every person, from a kid to an adult is special in their own ways, so as a teachers, We works very hard to bring out their best. 
Everybody learns a different way, either by ear or by reading. With 16 years of teaching experience, We have been blessed to train a few hundreds of students, and our passion for music education is still growing.We love all kinds of music, from Classical, Jazz, to Modern because there is at least one beautiful song from every musical style.Our teaching focuses on both "solo piano" and "band playing". 
We also love to improvise and write music, the fun never stops because we keep pushing ourself to grow together with our students, and because we've worked with a wide range of amazing musicians.

Piano Training Center

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