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Piano / Keyboard 
 Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate , Advance
Farid Afshari 
Fred Afshari has over 15 years of experience teaching piano and keyboard and has had many years of experience in teaching piano at PTC Music School and the Arasbaran Art Institute and Green Music. He's received a Certificate from Oxford University and Music Degree from Tehran University and is a member of the Music Teachers Association and National Guild of Piano Teachers.Fred's approach to teaching is to have the student work at their own pace while developing proper technique and good practice and performance habits. He begins by getting the student familiar with the piano, finger number positions, and then gradually reading music, and learning theory. If you're interested in lessons, please call or e-mail Fred, he covers most areas of San Diego 5 days a week and Orange County 2 days a week.
 Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate , Advance
From humble beginnings in Venezuela, Isabel Escalante rose quickly through the ranks to become a leading contemporary violinist at a very young age. Arriving alone in the United States at the age of 16, Ms. Escalante graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi at age 20 and completed her Master’s degree in Performance and Teaching from Longy School of Music. She has performed at the White House, Carnegie Hall, the Concertgebouw and other world-class venues throughout Europe and the United States. Ms. Escalante now applies her talents full time to helping other violinist reach their full potential and particularly enjoys working with younger musicians.
Saxophone / Clarinet
Beginner, Intermediate
Farisha B
I have been teaching saxophone for 10 years. I enjoy teaching people of all ages, both children and adults, of all levels. I believe in teaching a strong core of music fundamentals but also in finding what makes music special to each student. Lessons should be fun and engaging. I have several students audition into regional bands, and select school ensembles every year. But we also make sure to play some pop tunes and top 40.
Daaf / Tonbak 
Levels Taught: Beginner,
Intermediate , Advance
Masih S 
His goal is to teach music and help students learn and enjoy playing Persian Percussion Instruments of Daf and Tonbak. His students age range from 5-75 years old. His goal is not only to teach Daf and Tonbak but to teach healing with music, his goal is to teach how to enjoy music, how to live with music and heal with music. Currently he heads a group of Persian Percussion Music called Delnavazan Daf Group.
Tar / Setar
Levels Taught: Beginner,
Intermediate , Advance
Reza A
He has started to learn playing musical instruments since 1993 with Daf,the first one which he learned with eminent musician, Bijan Kamkar. He also learned to play Tar & Setar with expert musicians Alireza Bashipour, Mohsen Nafar & Keyvan Saket. Delava is the name of a musical group which he formed in 1999.He has achieved some experiences in theatrical music.One of his activities is to compose rhythm with Folk & Traditional dances. He has several performances in different countries & worldwide festivals.(JAPAN-NEWZELAND-AUSTURALYA-ITALY-FINLAND-FRANCE-SOUTH AFRICA-RUSSIA-TAIWAN and so…Nowadays, his main activities are teaching, doing researches, music composing & singing with the Iranian & mystic music.Delava Musical Group was inaugurated under the auspices of Reza Mahini in 1999. The major activities of this group consist of performing classical and Folkloric music of different regions of Iran. It has so far had various internal performances as well as some ones abroad.
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